THF Board Member Danny Shipman

“Present and accounted for”  Lt. Colonel William B. Travis, General Sam Houston, and David Crockett. The reenactors, as well as a recitation of the famous Travis Letter, make up part of a larger plan to educate people of all ages about Texas and its rich history.

Each year we hope to ignite a passion across our state by inviting people to take part in an even bigger celebration. On behalf of the board of The Texas Heroes Foundation, we invite you to “March 2 Texas” Weekend and experience all she has to share.

It’s all about Texas,

The Texas Heroes Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization created to provide funding and resources with the purpose of getting our children interested in learning about the rich heritage of Texas History and preserving its accuracy. One of the vehicles we use is a festival called the Texas Independence Day Celebration of North Texas at Hood County, held annually  March 2-3 in Acton, Texas, near the Cemetery where the Elizabeth Crockett is buried. The Texas Heroes Foundation also provides historical characters (Sam Houston, William B. Travis, David Crockett, Jim Bowie and Susanna Dickinson) to visit schools and civic groups to foster interest in Texas history. When we can, we also provide Texas history to school libraries. We welcome anyone that is interested in Texas and our wonderful history to participate at any level. We need volunteers, ideas and of course sponsors. Please contact: Peggy Freeman 214-675-5752



Board Members

Peggy Freeman,  President & Event Chairman

John Campbell, Vice President

 Errol Flannery, Treasurer

 Laurie Matthews, Secretary

Danny Shipman, Chairman of Fund Raising


Heather Flannery, Student History Fair Coordinator

Chad Ramsey. Photography

Texas Extreme Volunteers

Nancy Alana

Mastick Family

Jeff Mastic


Founders: Cullen Crisp, Teresa Sims

& Rich Merrill