Celebrate Texas Independence Day In Hood County

Schedule of Events

Acton Cemetery on Fall Creek Hwy in Acton near Granbury, Texas

The Texas Heroes Foundation, founded to defend Texas History, highlights its historical people and events for the North Texas area by promoting Texas History education.

Meet Texas Heroes such as William Travis, David Crockett, Sam Houston & more. See an 1800s Black Powder Cannon Demonstration, Native Americans, the Texas Navy, see Historical Artifacts and listen to Period Music.

Visit the Elizabeth Crockett Memorial for a Ceremony honoring the sacrifice of many for our early Texans.

Contact march2texas@gmail.com for more information on our student-only days on Thursday and Friday.

During Texas Independence Events of North Texas in Hood County, we host over 1200 students, teachers, and visitors each year at our “Stroll Thru Texas History”. Students meet Texas Heroes, watch demonstrations by Native Americans, frontiersmen, ranchers, soldiers, and others, hear historical music, watch black powder demonstrations and partake in our Elizabeth Crockett Memorial Ceremony.