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Use this form to enter the Selfie Scavenger Hunt.  Enter your name and email address, and upload seven photos with descriptions.  All form fields are required.  Don’t forget to post your photos to your social media accounts.  Check the box next each social media website to which you uploaded your photos.selfieclipart1

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    [cfdb-datatable form=”Upload Photos” show=”your-name,your-email,img-1,img-2,img-3,img-4,img-5,img-6,img-7″ role=”Subscriber” permissionmsg=”false” headers=”your-name=Name,your-email=Email,img-1=Photo 1,img-2=Photo 2,img-3=Photo 3,img-4=Photo 4,img-5=Photo 5,img-6=Photo 6,img-7=Photo 7″]

    [cfdb-export-link form=”Upload Photos” show=”your-name,your-email,img-1,desc-1,img-2,desc-2,img-3,desc-3,img-4,desc-4,img-5,desc-5,img-6,desc-6,img-7,desc-7″ role=”Subscriber” permissionmsg=”false” headers=”your-name=Name,your-email=Email,img-1=Photo 1,desc-1=Description 1,img-2=Photo 2,desc-2=Description 2,img-3=Photo 3,desc-3=Description 3,img-4=Photo 4,desc-4=Description 4,img-5=Photo 5,desc-5=Description 5,img-6=Photo 6,desc-6=Description 6,img-7=Photo 7,desc-7=Description 7″]

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