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Statues all over the state of TEXAS serve to focus our attention on our rich heritage and proud history. None stands taller than our own San Jacinto monument. One of our local students has made a wonderful model for your thoughtful consideration and it along with dozens of others will be on display inside the Hood County courthouse over the week-end.San Jacinto

CourthouseNo countyseat in the state of Texas has a more majestic and beautiful courthouse than Hood County. Tonight it takes on even more of a majestic presence as the flag of our state surrounds that very building. Each flag pole proudly and honorably bears the name of one of the fallen heroes of the Alamo. Thanks to all who have had a hand in this important phase of this year’s event. Your efforts and your undying devotion to our state will not go un-appreciated. Take the kids and grandkids up to the flags and let them read and learn from the attached cards that tell a story like none other.

In four short days and nights, Buck and his stagecoach will hit town. Coming with him will be his wife, and the team of nip and tuck. Kids of all ages are going to enjoy riding the best cotton pickin stagecoach in four counties. March 2nd and 3rd on the historic downtown square in beautiful Granbury, Texas.733905_162005910619344_1170061966_n

A provision has been made for all of the Vendors to have Sunday morning worship at the Texas Independence Day celebration. We will kick off Sunday with Cowboy Church on the city sound stage at 9:00 AM sharp, with music by the Baggy Bottom Boys, and preaching by DeWayne Harris, associate pastor of Triple Cross Cowboy Church in Granbury. The Baggy Bottom Boys will present their music again at 11:00 AM. Vendors open Sunday at 10:00 AM.577352_161860533967215_1340963547_n

We celebrate and remember at the same time the lives of true Texas Heroes. One of the most profound role models for our kids and grandkids is Co. William Travis. We pause next week-end March 2nd and 3rd to pay honor, respect, and gratitude for the life he gave so that our state could enjoy the freedom that we have Today.574531_161272074026061_458405365_n

he arrival of student history exhibits has been overwhelming. The room we had reserved is full, and running over. We never expected the great amount of response that this part of our celebration would elicit. We are thrilled beyond words, and you will be impressed to witness the creativity of our children. The exhibits will all be on display next week-end inside the Hood County Courthourse. You will not want to miss seeing these projects.32587_161275290692406_1884123727_n

Gunslingers, Reenactors, Living History experts….all will be gathering next Saturday and Sunday in Granbury to participate in our Texas Independence Day Celebration of North Texas at Granbury. We are thrilled to welcome all of the groups to our event and our hopes are alive that you will enjoy the experience of being in historic Granbury even if its” for a brief day or two.62178_161283974024871_1838725181_n

Be the number 1836 person to like our page for Texas Independence Day a receive a very special gift that you will be proud to own. The cut off date is Friday, March 1st in order for us to post the name of the winner on facebook. Music, stories, living history, vendors, and even stagecoach rides in Granbury, TX…..March 2nd and March 3rd.860087_160300880789847_559870792_o

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