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A provision has been made for all of the Vendors to have Sunday morning worship at the Texas Independence Day celebration. We will kick off Sunday with Cowboy Church on the city sound stage at 9:00 AM sharp, with music by the Baggy Bottom Boys, and preaching by DeWayne Harris, associate pastor of Triple Cross Cowboy Church in Granbury. The Baggy Bottom Boys will present their music again at 11:00 AM. Vendors open Sunday at 10:00 AM.577352_161860533967215_1340963547_n

Yesterday we were able to secure the services of the finest stage coach operator in Texas to come share his wonderful coach, along with his team of horses named Nip and Tuck. He will be giving rides, and teaching Texas History by living the role of a stagecoach driver to our children on Texas Independence Day. Come along and take a ride.





A rich part of our State’s great history has been captured on canvas by Mr. Burl Washington of Fort Worth, TX. Burl will have his distinct style of painting Texas history on display, and prints for sales during our Texas Independence Day Celebration on March 2nd, and 3rd. Come early………..see alot……..stay late.

A gentile giant of Western music Mr. Billy Cate will be presenting his special style of music on March 2nd at the sound stage located at the County Courthouse for Texas Independence Day. You will want to listen to The Chisolm Trail Cowboy while he is in our town.

Billy Cate

Billy Cate

Period Correct Vendors from all around have been invited to participate in this year’s Texas Independence Celebration at Granbury. Bring your kids and grandkids to this special part
the event. They will see, taste, and hear wonderful new/old
experiences like they have never known about all of their lives.
Come early…………………………………………….stay late.


One of the major components of this years’ TEXAS Independence Day Celebration will be a period correct parade. The parade will be held at 11:00 AM on Saturday, March 2nd around our historic courthouse in downtown Granbury. If you would like to participate in this event please get in touch with Richlon Merrill at (817) 881-5490. He has a wealth of ideas and concepts about this phase of our event. Come early…………………………………………..Stay late.

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