Schedule for Stroll Thru Texas History May Event

Schedule for Stroll Thru Texas History May Event

Friday, May 19, May 20 and Saturday May 21, 2021

  1. Stations 2. Time on Stage & Cannon 4. Sponsors & 5. Map

Parking Location: Parking behind Acton Baptist Church at 3500 Fall Creek Hwy in Acton. Handicap parking only for wheelchair access. Schedule may change.

Station # 1 THF Booth –

  • Welcome and Schedule
  • Information, volunteer, donations
  • Guess How Many Beans Fundraiser
  • Extra Credit Stamp for a Grade
  • Selfie Contest: Bookmarks are available at the THF table with details, rules, and items to photograph. You need to be in the pictures with, or without friends. #StollThruTexas

Station #2 Stone Building (the oldest building in Hood County) Rotating every 30 Minutes.

  • The Story of the Texas Navy Association – Bob Satterwhite [1 lunch]
  • Stories and Songs – Martin and Murray [2 lunches]
  • Old-Time Music -Vanderveers (Saturday Only) [5 lunches]

Station # 3 (east of the stone building) Overview of the fight for independence.

  • Sam Houston – David Hansford has performed in movies since 2011. He is an accomplished character actor and as Two-Bit Pete is well known as a cowboy poet.
  • Bowie – Dink Thomas actor/model who has been in movies, television and commercials.
  • Travis – Brendan Hartman starred in multiple church musicals, written & directed shows, & studied theater at Collin College.

Station # 4

  • Mier Exposition & the Black Bean episode – Members of the Young Texas Hero Teen Board – Nathan, Jonathan, Corbin, Rachel, & Elizabeth, & sponsor Gail Heep
  • Texas Rangers – Jayson Lippert

Station # 5 Native Americans

  • Running Water – Frank Arellano overview Tribes of Texas, tools
  • Mr. Bishop arrowheads

Station # 6 Chuckwagon and Roping

  • Cowboy & Indians Stories and Song
  • Glenn Murry, Tim Martin, Ed Myer

Station # 7 The Rebels

  • Granbury Camp & Terry’s Texas Rangers Sons of Confederacy heritage group – Dickey Freeman, Jim Scott
  • Cannon- Mike Smith & Terry’s Texas Rangers
  • Women who fought in the War Between the States- Sandra Neeley [Friday only]

Station #8 Frybread and Native American Culture

  • Audricka Young frybread, & sharing culture

Station # 9 Crockett Family

  • Elizabeth Crockett – Lauri Matthews, 3 times great-granddaughter of David and Elizabeth Crockett

Station # 10

  • Davy Crockett, – Errol Flannery, 4 times great-grandson of David and Elizabeth Crockett
  • John McGregor – John McGregor, bagpiper and Alamo defender – Dr. John Taber

Station # 11

  • Sylvanus Castleman, a personal friend of Stephen F. Austin and member of the Old Texas 300 – Ron Sutton, a descendant of Castleman.

Station #12

  • Susanna Dickinson – Only American survivors to leave the Alamo alive – Teresa Sims, a THF founder

Station # 13

  • Juan Sequin – Texas Tejano Hero – John Luna
  • Patricia de la Garza De Leon – Built the first school and many churches & funded Houston’s army – Jeanne Luna

Station # 14

Station # 15 Texian Volunteer Army 1836

Other booths and vendors to visit:

  • Granbury Writers’ Bloc Authors
  • DAR & SAR
  • SRT & DRT

Vendors Friday & Saturday

Tea Punk Teas – merchandise

Chunky Monkey Shaved Ice –

Food Vendors

The Food Box DFW – Saturday only

On Patrol and at the THF booth:

John Campbell, Peggy Freeman, Valerie and Samantha Jones, Linda Speldos, Diane Munford

Stage Schedule

The stage area changes at times listed on the schedule and highlights different performers. The presenters will be at their station if not on stage.

9:00 – 9:20 Coffee with the Cowboys, get the events schedule and map.

Stage Area 9:00 Music with Martin and Murray

9:45 (At Station 7) Cannon Fire

10:00 Stage Area

  • Opening with Mc Gregor bagpipe and Stephen F. Austin
  • Sam Houston, Bowie, & Travis – an overview of the events for the fight for independence.
  • Crockett & Mc Gregor & A black powder salute to the heroes by the Texas Army.

10:45 Juan Seguin and Patricia de la Garza De Leon

11:15 Susanna Dickenson and John William Smith carried Travis’ letter to Sam Houston

11:30 (At Stage 7 ) General Granbury & Terry’s Texas Ranger Troops and firing the Cannon at noon.

12:10 (In the cemetery at the Elizabeth Crockett Memorial – Elizabeth Crockett & Bagpipe music.

12:30 (On Stage) Martin and Murry on Friday & Vanderveer Brothers on Saturday

1:00 (On Stage) Austin and the Old Texas 300 Ron Sutton

1:30 (On Stage) Juan Seguin and Patricia de la Garza De Leon John Luna and Luna

2:00 ((On Stage) Susanna Dickenson- only woman of European descent to leave the Alamo alive.

2:30 (On Stage) Houston, Bowie, and Travis – an overview of the events for the fight for independence.

3:00 (On Stage) McGregor and Crockett

3:30 (At Station 7 ) Generals Granbury & Terry’s Texas Ranger Troops

firing the Cannon at 3:45

3:30 Stage set up for Celebrate Texas Concert

3:45 – TShirt & book give away

Friday Concert Schedule

4:00 – Martin & Murray

4:40 Nin Hulett

5:00 – Ridge Roberts

5:30 – Mike & Alecia Echols

6:10 – Raffle Drawing

6:15 – Kristyn Harris

7:00 end

Saturday Concert Schedule

3:30 – Raffle Drawing

4:00 – Martin & Murray

4:25 – Raffle Drawing

4:30 -Vanderveer Brothers String Band

5:30 – Ridge Roberts

6:10 – Raffle Drawing

6:15 – Kristyn Harris

7:00 end

Texas Heroes Foundation Board Members

THF Photographer – Shad Ramsey

Texas Heroes Foundation Founders:

Cullen Crisp, Teresa Sims, Richlon Merrill, Chris (Boots) Hubbard

Gold Sponsors: Hood County Development District No.1,

Texas Champion: Diamond C, Signmaster’s

Texas Defenders: Chicken Express, Pearl St Station, Walmart, Gilbert Environmental, Hill Country BnB, Granbury, Live Oak BnB, Glen Rose,,Farinas, Board & Brush, Granbury Segway Tours, Pemberton Cellers & Winery, Fossil Rim, HEB

Friends of Texas (Sponsors and donations of over $100):

Carol and Bob Cook, Teresa Sims, Mikeal Long, James Veale, Grumps, Riverhouse Grill, Hammonds BBQ, D’Vine Wine, Sledge Distillery, Barons Creek Winery, Christian Brothers Automotive, AutoZone, BrightWorks Car Wash, Hill Country BnB, Granbury, Live Oak BnB, Glen Rose, Farinas, Board & Brush, Fossil Rim, Granbury Segway Tours, Pemberton Cellers & Winery, HEB

Map, Schedule and Legend will be available at the Texas Heroes Foundation station #1 and security station at the handicap entrance.

Questions? Please call or text: Peggy Freeman 214-675-5752. First Aid: (see map)

Errol Flannery, John Campbell, Laurie Matthews, Heather Flannery, Danny Shipman, Jayson Lippert, Linda Speldos, Valerie Jones, Peggy Freeman,

2021 Stroll Thru Texas History is Dedicated to:

J.C. Campbell for his years of support to the Texas Heroes Foundation.

And to

Robert McMinn – educated & entertained as our 1860’s surgeon for several years.

See map. If it is raining, we will have a short presentations and regular concert at Acton United Methodist Church Youth building across the highway.

Map of Stations

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