TO OUR SPECIAL VENDORS:  2020 Vendor Application coming soon.

We are all so excited to have you participate in our TEXAS INDEPENDENCE CELEBRATION IN HOOD COUNTY TEXAS – Third weekend in May – May 16

Download form vendors application . Please check back later.

As you know, this event is ALL ABOUT TEXAS!  You have been specifically invited because we think you will fit with our theme of Texas in the 1800’s.  We ask that all vendors and their staff dress in “old Period Correct Attire” if possible.  Men: rough pants or khakis , boots, western shirts (especially ‘collarless’), vests, hats, suspenders will be appropriate.  Ladies: we have Something Special for you:  We have 50 Prairie Dresses that we will LOAN to you for the weekend!  More about that in another hand-out.  As for your products and demonstrations, remember that our focus is Educating Kids.  Please bring any handouts that will help explain why or how your services or products were used in the 1800’s.  Please do not bring any products that are “blingy” or out of context for Texas at that time.  (Texas Independence was won in 1836,)  We also ask that you do not smoke in your booth and there is no alcohol allowed at this event.

There will be a map of where to assemble for move-in.  You will have your assigned booth number emailed to you. Nominal charge and you must be registered and approved to be a vendor.



•  Vendor Application Revised

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