David Crockett died in the Alamo and is a true Texas hero. He never made it to Granbury. But his wife, Elizabeth did. In fact, she received the land just east of Granbury as a grant from the Republic of Texas.

During the Texas Independence Day Celebration, we honor Elizabeth Crockett and her ancestors for the work they have done to settle Texas. March 1st and 2nd, 2018 at 12 noon there will be ceremonies in the Acton Cemetery at Elizabeth Crockett’s grave site. There will be a prayer, the pledge to the Texas flag, recognition of Crockett ancestors, a historical presentation about the Crocketts, placement of 13 yellow roses (one for each day the Alamo was under siege) on her grave monument by and music.

Young and old are invited to attend and honor one of the founding members of our county and great state.

12 noon Elizabeth Crockett Memorial Ceremony – Acton Cemetery

  • Welcome, Prayer
  • Recognition of attending Crockett Family members
  • Historical Presentations
  • Placement of 13 Yellow Roses
  • Color-Guard, Black-Powder-Musket Volley, Benediction
  • Closing Remarks
  • Closing Prayer

 All information is subject to change.

For information contact
Peggy Freeman,  214-675-5752  TexasHeroesFoundation@gmail.com


“By all accounts, Elizabeth was an intelligent lady who knew about business and farming matters. It was through her industry that her husband David was able to establish a mill and distillery in Tennessee. They were relatively prosperous until a flood destroyed the works. There are no known letters in Elizabeth’s artifacts, although it has been said that she could read and write well, unusual for a frontier woman of the times.

Elizabeth Crockett died after an early morning walk from her cabin, at age 72. She was buried in the Acton cemetery. Her remains and that of several family members are in what constitutes the Acton State Park and Monument, the smallest Park in Texas. Her statue above the grave shows her looking to the west, eyes shaded, waiting for her husband to come home from the War.”

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