Sponsor a Texas Flag

Sponsor a Texas Flag

| Posted in 2018

Crockett, Travis, Seguine, Or maybe honor your very own ancestor with a flag that tells about them, where they fought and died. Imgine your family or business name listed under Bowie or Smith as hundreds of people stroll by and read the flags in Hood County in March.

4 thoughts on “Sponsor a Texas Flag”

  1. Nancy Alana says:

    I would like to honor any hero.

  2. L LKemp says:

    Was this Hood Cty event held in 2019? Is one planned for early March 2020?

    1. For the 2020 event the student days are February 27 and 28. The public day is February 29.

    2. LKemp, yes the last weekend in February we will be celebrating Texas Independence day in Hood County. Join us.

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