Women’s Rights in Texas

Women’s Rights in Texas

| Posted in 2016

If you’re a woman and you plan to vote in Texas this year, you can thank Jess Baker. The question of women voting was raised during the Baker_Jess_35Constitutional Convention of 1868–69, when Titus H. Mundine of Burleson County proposed that the franchise be conferred upon qualified persons without distinction of sex. The committee on state affairs approved this proposal, but the convention rejected it by a vote of fifty-two to thirteen. A few years later, during the Constitutional Convention of 1875, two resolutions for the enfranchisement of women were introduced. Both were referred to the committee on suffrage, but neither was reported.  The issue was brought before the Texas legislature in 1907 when Jess A. Baker of Granbury introduced in the House of Representatives a resolution to enfranchise them. In 1911 Jess Baker of Granbury once again raised the suffrage question in the Texas House. His resolution to enfranchise women was referred to the committee on constitutional amendments, which recommended that it not pass. Because leaders like Granbury’s Jess Baker, women won the vote in 1918

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