Wave the Flag of a Texas Hero

Waving the Flags of Texas heroes is one of the ways the Texas Hero Foundation celebrates Texas Independence Day. We fly Texas flags across Hood county, from the Court House to Elizabeth Crockett’s gravesite and the Stroll Thru Texas History. Each flag is labeled with a name and information about each hero who is documented to be at the Alamo during the 16 days before it’s fall and any veteran of the Texas Revolutionary War.

Help us Honor our Texas Heroes

Unfortunately, each year the flags get frayed, faded, and some flags are stolen. You can help by purchasing a flag to honor your favorite Texas Hero. Your name will be listed on the tag under the name of a Texas Hero. Flags are just $30 each, so give today. Please view the list of heroes below, choose your 5 favorite heroes, and enter all five names in the donation form to sponsor a flag.

Sponsor a Flag

Choose your Texas Heroes

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Rather Pay by Check?

If you don’t want use the online form, you can also sponsor a flag by sending a check for $30 to:

Texas Heroes Foundation
PO Box 5356
Granbury, TX  76049

Click here for printable receipt.

John ?
Juan, Abamillo
Robert, Allen
Miles, DeForest Andross
Micajah, Autry
Juan, Badillo
Peter, James Bailey
Isaac, Baker
William, Baker
John, Ballentine
Richard, Ballentine
John, Baugh
Joseph, Bayliss
John, Blair
Samuel, Blair
William, Blazeby
James, Bonham
Daniel, Bourne
James, Bowie
Jesse, Bowman
George, Brown
James, Brown
Robert, Brown
James, Buchanan
Samuel, Burns
George, Butler
John, Cain
Robert, Campbell
William, Carey
Charles, Clark
M.B. Clark
Daniel, Cloud
Robert, Cochran
George, Washington Cottle
Henry, Courtman
Lemuel, Crawford
David, Crockett
Robert, Crossman
David, Cummings
Robert, Cunningham
Jacob, Darst
John, Davis
Freeman, Day
Jerry, Day
Squire, Daymon
William, Dearduff
Stephen, Dennison
Charles, Despallier
Lewis, Dewall
Almaron, Dickinson
John Henry Dillard
James, Dimpkins
Andrew, Duvalt
Carlos, Espalier
Gregorio, Esparza
Robert, Evans
Samuel, Evans
James, Ewing
William, Fishbaugh
John, Flanders
Dolphin, Floyd
John, Forsyth
Antonio, Fuentes

Galba, Fuqua
William, Garnett
James, Garrand
James, Garrett
John, Garvin
John, Gaston
James, George
John, Goodrich
Calvin, Grimes
Jose, Guerrero
James, Gwynne
James, Hannum
John, Harris
Andrew, Harrison
William, Harrison
Joseph, Hawkins
John, Hays
Patrick, Herndon
William, Hersee
Tapley, Holland
Samuel, Holloway
William, Howell
Thomas, Jackson
William, Jackson
Green, Jameson
Gordon, Jennings
Damacio, Jiménez
Lewis, Johnson
William, Johnson
Jhon, Jones
James, Kenny
Andrew, Kent
Joseph, Kent
Joseph, Kerr
George, Kimble
William, King
William, Lewis
William, Lightfoot
Jonathan, Lindley
William, Linn
Toribio, Losoya
George, Main
William, Malone
William, Marshall
Albert, Martin
Edward, McCafferty
Jesse, McCoy
William, McDowell
James, McGee
John, McGregor
Robert, McKinney
Eliel, Melton
Thomas, Miller
William, Mills
Isaac, Millsaps
Edward, Mitchasson
Edwin, Mitchell
Napoleon, Mitchell
Robert, Moore
Willis, Moore
Robert, Musselman
Andrés, Nava
George, Neggan

Andrew, Nelson
Edward, Nelson
George, Nelson
Northcross, James
James, Nowlan
George, Pagan
Christopher, Parker
William, Parks
Richardson, Perry
Amos, Pollard
John, Reynolds
Thomas, Roberts
James, Robertson
Isaac, Robinson
James, Rose
Jackson, Rusk
Joseph, Rutherford
Isaac, Ryan
Mial, Scurlock
Marcus, Sewell
Manson, Shied
Cleveland, Simmons
Andrew, Smith
Charles, Smith
John, Smith
Joshua, Smith
William, Smith
Richard, Starr
James, Stewart
Richard, Stockton
A.  Summerlin
William, Summers
William, Sutherland
Edward, Taylor
George, Taylor
James, Taylor
William, Taylor
B. Thomas
Henry, Thomas
Jesse, Thompson
John, Thomson
John, Thurston
Burke, Trammel
William, Travis
George, Tumlinson
James, James
Asa, Walker
Jacob, Walker
William, Ward
Henry, Warnell
Joseph, Washington
Thomas, Waters
William, Wells
Isaac, White
Robert, White
Hiram, Williamson
William, Wills
David, Wilson
John, Wilson
Anthony, Wolf
Claiborne, Wright
Charles, Zanco

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