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selfie huntYou, your family, your team, you and your Bff, your Red Hat Club, even your cheer squad can enter in the Selfie Scavenger Hunt at the Texas Independence Day Celebration 2-28-15 through 3-2-15.  If you get at least 7 selfies and upload them to www.March2Texas.com you might win $50 cash.  You don’t have to be entered in the Student History Fair to do this, but you can win more cash in the History Fair.  DO BOTH.  Celebrate Texas!

Remember the Alamo, Goliad and the heroes who created a free republic and took Texas into statehood. SCHOLARSHIP FOR HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS, CASH PRIZES K-12 HISTORY FAIR. ART, VIDEOS, PROJECTS AND MANUSCRIPTS SHOWING RESEARCH.

Heroes Foundation Scholarship for Seniors

All graduating seniors are invited to enter the Texas Independence Day Student History Competition to be considered for a Texas Heroes Foundation Scholarship.

selfie hunt

Selfie” Scavenger Hunt

The Texas Independence Day Celebration

True courage is completing the things you say, while cowardice is just saying the things you wish to complete.” ~ William Barrett Travis

Do you have the courage to complete the Texas Independence Day Celebration “Selfie” Scavenger Hunt?

Would you like to win $50?

Help keep Texas history in our hearts and minds. Join us on February 28 – March 2, 2015 and take selfies as you participate in the Independence Day Celebration.

To be entered into the “Selfie” Scavenger Hunt, you must take courageous selfies

of at least 7 of the following items and post them beginning on March 28:


  • You at Texas Independence Day Celebration Opening Ceremony
  • You and a Vendor or with an Exhibits
  • You with the Texas Flag
  • You at Bull Riding on the Beach
  • You at the Parade
  • You with a Texas Hero
  • You with Elizabeth Crockett Memorial in Acton
  • You with your Favorite Student History Fair Entry
  • You with the Granbury Historic Courthouse
  • You with a Native American
  • You and the TID stage with one of the great musicians
  • Two facts you learned about Texas history that you did not know before.
  • Enter by using #SelfieMarch2texas2015.
  • Entries must be posted by March 2, 2015 by 5:00 p.m.
  • Must take at least 7 selfies and enter them using the hash tag on Instagram, email to March2Texas@gmail.com or share on Facebook. Winner will be notified and posted on www.March2Texas.com.
  • Each picture posted becomes the property of Texas Independence Day Celebration of North Texas and the Texas Heroes Foundation and can be used on their webpage and in any social media setting.

Students, Parents & Teachers

texas independence dayJoin the Texas Independence Day Student History Fair

Win Cash Prizes and a Scholarship.

Students in Hood County and surrounding communities are invited to enter  the 2015 Student History Fair. Categories include: individual papers, videos, projects, and art projects about Texas History centered around 1800s Texas, from independence through statehood.   Click here for Rules, entry form and judging criteria for 2015 For more information leave a comment or email us at March2Texas@gmail.com.

Upload Images

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Use this form to enter the Selfie Scavenger Hunt.  Enter your name and email address, and upload seven photos with descriptions.  All form fields are required.  Don’t forget to post your photos to your social media accounts.  Check the box next each social media website to which you uploaded your photos.selfieclipart1

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